The kitchen is equipped with three gas cookers and a vast array of crockery and utensils. Visitors bring their own food and cook their own meals. Washing-up is a communal effort and is usually carried out once or twice a day to avoid wasting water and gas. If you are staying for longer than a weekend, it is advisable to bring a cool box. Freeze some food to keep it fresh for the later part of your stay. Pack the box with a few pints of frozen milk – this will help to keep the rest of contents frozen.

Drinking water

Our drinking water is collected from a well and must be used for all food preparation, cooking, drinking, teeth cleaning, etc. The water in the kitchen taps is collected from the roof and is suitable for hand washing or dish washing (after boiling).


There are four bedrooms. Two of them are dormitory-style with comfortable bunk beds. The other two are family rooms with double beds and one or two single beds. Bring your own towels and bed linen or a sleeping bag. There are plenty of pillows and warm blankets.


The Common Room has a large open fireplace where we burn driftwood when it is available and coal when it isn’t. The other rooms are not heated so, in colder weather, be sure to bring plenty of warm and waterproof clothing.


There are two flush toilets on the Island. One, in the Observatory buildings relies on rain water collected from the roof for flushing and may not be available during very dry weather. The other ‘loo with a view’ is down the Toilet Steps on the east side of the Island and offers a superb view of Mew Island over its half door – bring your binoculars!