New roof fitted to CBO observatory buildings

Great news! After several months in the planning, the new Kingspan Trapezoidal insulated roof has been fitted to the observatory buildings. This will provide generations of visitors with a safe, secure and DRY roof over their heads.

This also completes one of the biggest jobs undertaken by the observatory for many years, and CBO would like to thank all those who supported this project including…

  • Minister Durkin and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency for providing the opportunity – through the plastic bag tax/ Challenge Fund – for organisations such as CBO to obtain funding for such a large and ambitious project.
  • Northern Ireland Environment Link for their smooth and professional running of the Challenge Fund.
  • All those volunteers who contributed to the planning, transportation and fitting. Especially those folks who worked so hard on the roof delivery day in May; and Peter, Larry, Ian, Chris, Wesley and Niall who helped during the fitting.
  • The superb engineering team – Harry Magill, Tommy Gray and Craig ‘Cecil’ McNeilly – from T&H engineering, who worked tirelessly and with good humour to fit the roof in just over nine days.

We hope to run some day trips in August – September. Look out for the opportunity to visit CBO and see the roof first hand. More soon…

Some photos from the fitting…

East dorm tackled first on Monday 8th May.

Stripping the old roof Stripping the old roof Stripping the old roof New roof going on over dorm 4 working over the common roomMessy job in buildings as old roof stripped away. In the kitchen everything was covered in sheeting.

Messy kitchenWorking above the kitchen

Working above the kitchenDorm two roof stripped away – glorious weather.

Working above Dorm 2Almost there

Almost done!Final touches to soffits…

Finishing touchesAnd complete on Tuesday morning – 16th June.

Nine days!

Day 9... complete!Old roof stacked in courtyard pending removal

Old roof awaiting disposal

Well done Tommy, Harry and Craig… The fitters - Tommy, Harry and Craig